How can I help you?

 I provide copywriting services and strong editorial support while enhancing  communication skills through innovative and creative presentations to anyone who may find themselves in need of my assistance. 


What does that even mean?

In a nutshell what I do is: I read, write, reread then rewrite incessantly.
I do ALL of this to ensure that the final product, whether it be your flyer, your website, your business card or anything else you desire, conveys exactly what you want it to.
You need to be heard and I am your narrator.
Let me put your thoughts and ideas into words.

Let me write for you. 


 I am currently available for: 

Web Content Copywriting and Copyediting

  • Website Content Management and Creation
  • Web articles and promotional copy for online magazines, newsletters, blogs etc.
  • Writing and Organising content for Public Relations Campaigns such as Press Releases, Social Media  & other promotional/ advertising material for Entrepreneurs as well as Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
  • Editing and Proof-reading of essays, research papers, articles, letters etc.
  • Artist Profile, Fact Sheets and Bio creation

Language Tutoring [English and Japanese]

  • Online tutoring in Conversational English
  • Online tutoring in Jamaican Culture & Dialect
  • Online tutoring in Japanese (with practical words and phrases for persons moving to Japan or travelling to Japan on tour)

Please feel free to contact me  for a FREE consultation on any writing, editing or language needs you may have.

Write-fully Yours,

Nadya Dee

Writer, Editor, Teacher


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